The Bishop at my church made this statement on Sunday. He preached about Acts 16:16-40, when Paul and Silas praised God despite being brutally beaten and placed in the stocks of a jail cell. Life can snatch the hallelujah from your lips. Bitterness and rage easily takes over with a wrong mindset. Praise has a way of freeing the mind from toxic thoughts, allowing gratitude and peace to overflow. In Paul and Silas’ case, praise literally broke the chains off of everyone in the jail and influenced a man to get baptized. Strong praise creates miracles and changes lives. When I am overwhelmed with negative feelings I work hard to get my praise back. Cursing turns into thank you Jesus. Have you lost your praise? Get your praise back!


6 thoughts on “Get PRAISE!

  1. I SOOOOO needed this today!! I have committed to 40 days of more committed prayer, and my first pray was that God would empty me of the junk that’s collected – today was a day my anger and frustration seemed overwhelming! Cried through my prayer time, set my feet firmly to endure and let patience have her way and do a thorough work in me, and then read your blog. TIME TO PRAISE!!! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks so much for sharing that. The best part about having a day like that is the joy of being lifted out of a bad place. I like how you said you asked God you empty you of the junk. I think you’ve inspired a doodle. 😀 There’s nothing better than a cleansing cry!

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