This is similar to the first post in the I AM series, but with a twist. Many people feel unloved, unwanted, and worthless. The truth is everyone is loved! God’s love is always guaranteed. Spend your days basking in the love of friends, family, and our heavenly Father. Don’t forget to love on yourself! ❤

loved: (1) The object of attachment, devotion, or admiration. (2) Held in deep affection; cherished. (3) To need or require; benefit greatly from. (definitions from dictionary.com and merriam-webster.com)


11 thoughts on “I AM LOVED!

  1. I like the last bit of this…”love on yourself!” How can we not do so, for God commands that we love as He loves, and he loves us plenty!

    Enjoyed this series of thoughts…


      • Love is so powerful, in a number of both heavenly and earthly ways. That’s why God puts such emphasis on it…and Satan uses it in so many perverse ways to trick us!

        But if we love ourselves as God does, and allow Him to empower us by His love, that’s when we can have confidence to do whatever we want to, in accordance with the Lord’s plans…


      • Really that is the only response we can have…surrender to Him and He will take the sincere of heart to where He wants us to be.

        Of course, we always need to work “along side” Him everyday as well!

        It’s like that commercial which says “…the more you know.” With God, the more we know surely helps us grow in faith!


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