The bigger picture always looks shiny, new, fresh…simply amazing! Obtaining the bigger picture usually comes at a price. The journey it takes to get the prize is no walk in the park. It is more like a walk in the big bad woods. Focusing on the bigger picture always helps me to walk through the treacherously scary parts. When I walk with God, light is shed on scary shadows and the creatures of the dark. Then I see there is nothing to fear. Finding enjoyment in the process always helps me to find joy in the perseverance that builds character and stamina. Look at the bigger picture!


18 thoughts on “Bigger

  1. Reblogged this on 365 Prayers for Healing and commented:
    Thanks to Doodles Invigorate for a very special message today. I thank her particularly for her uplifting and inspirational sharing of her experience of drawing closer to God.
    “When I walk with God, light is shed on the scary shadows and the creatures of the dark. Then I see there is nothing to fear.”
    Blessings, peace, love and light to you!

  2. Thank you – this just happened to be a perfect inspirational message for me today. Blessings and peace to you sister!

  3. Well said as always! The “bigger picture” we ultimately think of is our home in heaven. But there is much to enjoy in this life as well, so long as we walk it with the Lord. He does shed light on the dark paths and helps in in every way while we are here in this life…


  4. This is so true. We tend to be so short-sighted and self-focused that we often forget about the bigger picture. The things that make us uncomfortable in the here and now are often the very things that are making a path for a blessing of tomorrow. Nice post!

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