Bear Love


Truth moment: Everyone gets on my nerves! I even annoy myself. I do not always respond well to negative emotions and behavior. Sometimes it gets to a point where I am filled with consuming anger. It’s important to allow love to penetrate the darkness that comes from others and our own hearts. When I let love take over, I am able to effectively deal with the monsters that emerge. But, if you are consistently abused you should consider running far far away! 🙂 Bear love. Bear with love. Love with them. Bear with them. Love them!

Post inspired by the song Bare with You by Trip Lee.


13 thoughts on “Bear Love

  1. I am always ever more impressed with how honestly you share yourself with all of us! And the fact is, we can all relate because we are much the same as you. We may not be as candid as you are. Your honesty is refreshing…

    Enjoy your weekend,

      • People love to hear “sweet” words…the thing is that the wettest of all words are those which are honest!

        No charge for that one!…lol…


      • And I even misquoted myself! Of course I meant to say “…and the sweetest of words are those which are honest.”

        Honesty is always the best action we can take. It may not always be the easiest, nor the most appreciated at times, but we still need to be honest…

        Have a super day, Doodles!


  2. “I even annoy myself.” Too funny! Been there, done that. 🙂 Thanks for following my blog, and thanks for the uplifting messages on your blog. Have a great day.

  3. Sorry, I meant to say thanks for LIKING my blog post. I think I’m not quite awake yet! ha ha

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