Do you believe?


A life without hope is doomed for depressing disaster. Who or what we believe in often determines the outcome of our lives. Believing in good doesn’t always change a situation or bring about miraculous results, but it does keep the mind in good spirits. Believing in negative results welcomes a world of trouble in your mind, making it hard to live a happy life. We must believe that things will work out. We must dwell on and hope in what is good, noble, trustworthy, right, pure, and true. Never give up hope! What do you believe in your heart?

By the way, did you notice the new colors? I’ve decided to spice doodles up a bit! I believe you will enjoy it. 😉

❤ Shannon


11 thoughts on “Do you believe?

  1. This is so true Shannon. God wants us to be happy and in Good spirits as we reflect upon His image to others. So we need to be more positive than negative in outlook and mood. Steve

    • For someone like myself who has a history of depression it can be hard to remember to have a positive outlook. But anything is possible when we do it with the big G in heaven. Lol!

      • Now that’s the right attitude! Take and put these words in a frame and place it on a wall in your home. You need to read them when you are having a “down day.”

        It’s something like what I do for myself, a “depressionist and anxiety expert!” LOL…

        Good to see you posting again, Shannon! I missed you!!

        Steve 🙂

  2. It’s so good to see you back, Shannon! I love the new colors!

    At times I find myself dwelling on negative things, but after I pray, things change to better. I think in this world it is really easy to get caught up in negative things, but communication with Our Father above reassures us that we are taken care of!

      • I usually pray and then listen to worship music, which does wonders for me. That’s right, nothing’s better or more powerful than the truth! 🙂

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