Be Good News!


There are many ways to share the good news. It really bothers me when Christians stuff religion down a persons throat. When I say religion I mean following a bunch of rules with no heart to know God. I try my best to avoid it like a plague! Sharing the gospel about Jesus goes beyond preaching. It’s the very act of love; give a helping hand, teach through example, be gracious, and encourage in truth. Allow God to change a persons heart through your actions. Be good news! (Ephesians 5:1-20)

❤ Shannon


17 thoughts on “Be Good News!

  1. I agree there are a number of well-meaning people who feel they must approach teaching the gospel in this way. But not all church groups are the same. I know, I belong to one! We sow the seeds, but allow God to do the harvesting. It’s His job to help the true of heart to believe…

    Good post, Shannon.

      • Very wise words indeed, Shannon! That’s exactly what the Lord wants. He has the plans all worked out, He’s the controller. We just play the role…like in a film, He’s the producer/Director and were the actors…

        Have a super day!

      • I am thank you. My days are filled with the blog, and lately my nights with getting ready for this trip. Going to NY, D.C., Baltimore, and Pa.

        God is bringing me to this, so hopefully He’ll bring me through it too!


      • I will! As usual, my wife has planned about 6 months worth of stuff to do in just the few days we have. But we’ll get in all we can. I know we’re going on a boat tour around the Hudson, and have a ball game planned at Camden Yards, (O’s vs. the Yankees). But rain is predicted so we’ll see…

        Thanks for everything and we’ll talk again when I am back…

        Steve 🙂

      • Well, I’m not sure about the bonding thing. However, we will try to have a good time together and that may take us a ways toward a better time.


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