Let Peace Rule


Blessed [with spiritual security] is the man who believes and trusts in and relies on the Lord. And whose hope and confident expectation is the Lord. (Jeremiah 17:7)

This world is full of terror. The truth is there is no way around it. Why do we allow terror in our minds and hearts? Jesus left peace for ALL men. Don’t let the bad things of this world rule over you. Be free in peace. Peace in abundance is waiting to be enjoyed by you, right now. Grab it. Hold it tight. Never let go. Be blessed. Let peace rule!

❤ Shannon


13 thoughts on “Let Peace Rule

  1. Way to “put it down” Shannon! We do let our minds fill us with terror when we shouldn’t at all. We need to be careful, sure. But we don’t need to be ruled by fear and terror! Great post…Steve

      • I hope all is okay with you, Shannon! You’ve been a special person and reader to me for a long time and I don’t like to hear bad things concerning you.

        However, it sounds like you’ve got the culprit by the tail and are getting ready to toss Mr. Terror out on his head! Good for you!!!!!!!!!!

        Say a prayer and ask for the peace which only God can give in full measure. He will answer…

        Make the rest of your day a great one!

      • We do sound and feel very much the same way on that topic! I’m glad you are okay and I am hoping things stay that way for you and your sweet family…Steve

        (And you are quite the “encourager” yourself. It’s a great gift from God!)

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