Slow Miracles


Most miracles are not bold and in your face. They happen slowly over time, like a closed rose bud that blossoms over night. They happen in places that aren’t immediately visible to the eye. We don’t notice their activity until they have transformed. These are the miracles we miss. The daily phenomenon we take for granted. Slow down long enough to truly examine your life and notice tiny miracles. These tiny miracles will grow into gigantic in your face miracles. Traveling at a snails pace helps us to appreciate minor details. Today lets take time to be grateful for every small positive change as we move towards our goals. If you can’t find any, look harder, they are there. Enjoy the magic of slow miracles!

❤ Shannon


9 thoughts on “Slow Miracles

  1. This is really awesome, Shannon! I never thought of miracles in that way, so this is a whole new perspective. Thank you! 🙂

    • It’s new for me too. God has recently reveled this to me. I’m the type of person that is always looking for literally walking on water type miracles. I’m often disappointed because things like that don’t happen often. God has been showing me many things I’m missing out on because I’m focusing on the wrong things. I know he will show you all the amazing miracles he’s done and doing for you as well!

      • That is really great and so encouraging! I am the same way, always waiting for something grandiose to happen. Now, I will keep my eyes open for the slow miracles. THANK YOU, SHANNON! 🙂 ❤

  2. Hi Shannon! Hope this finds you doing well. I like the thoughts on slow miracles, and they do happen. It’s just in this world of “instant results,” we grow impatient if something takes too long to happen. We are off to the next thing as they say. We need to watch for and be thoughtful of God’s blessings at all times!


      • Oh you don’t have to call me “Sir.” You can just say “Mr. Steve.” (kidding)…

        I think I mentioned that the trip is over now and it was a pretty good time in all.

        I’m running so far behind in my replies/comments and posts! Have a great weekend Shannon, say “hi” to your sister and blessings to you and your little ones too!

        Steve 🙂

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