Heal First


A broken heart. Crushed. Longing for consolation. Looking to be healed in all the wrong places. Filled with anger. Filled with disappointment. Filled with so many things but the one thing that can heal it. Love. Does not trust love. Does not know how to love. Torn between past and present. Unable to move forward. Stuck in a moment of pain. Picking at wounds. Longing for resolution. Longing for healing. Not knowing how to achieve it. Not knowing how long it will take to heal. Wants to be normal again. Whatever that is.

A heart that decides to heal decides to let go of all toxic feelings produced from pain. Reaches out for truth. Looks towards a bright future. Learns to trust again. Learns to give freely again. Is able to love in a healthy way. Holds on to wisdom and lessons learned. Knows it can heal even if it is left broken again. Heal first.

*This is a fictitious text that was written to compliment the doodle and inspire you to dig deeper.


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