Change Starts at Home


Breaking down generational curses our ancestors fostered. Curses some choose to embrace. Choosing to except as normal. Curses some fight to change. Refuse to embrace. What are we really teaching our children with our actions? With our words? With our hate? With our love? With our acceptance? With our indifference? We must protect our future.

I see a nation that will heal. I see a nation that will learn to love. Will become united. Not divided. I see unity despite our differences. I see answered prayer. I see justice, peace, and love in the land of the living. I see fear turning into trust. I see fading anger. I see renewed minds filled with a new Spirit.

May our cry be one and the same. May we correct the wrongs in our home. In our communities. In our states. In our country. In the world. May we truly be undivided as one nation under God. May we see heaven on earth. May we live out love. Change starts at home.

*This is a fictitious text that was written to compliment the doodle and inspire you to dig deeper.


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