Confidence to Overcome


Part of the reason I haven’t been consistent with creating doodles because I have been on a spiritual rollercoaster. I have not been a good model of what a child of God should look like. I was struggling through a spell of depression and handling stress in an unhealthy way. I was oppressed by sin. I felt like a hypocrite, therefore I was uninspired to invigorate. It felt wrong to encourage others to be great when I was not so great. Maybe that’s the stuff I should have been talking about.

In my mess God would tell me I will overcome the internal struggles I was experiencing. In my mess he whispered words of love and encouragement. He prophesied my repentance. He was confident in my ability to rise when I wasn’t confident in myself. I thought to myself, if God knows all things he must be right. Slowly I began to heal myself and change the behaviors that were holding me back from success and freedom. I did this by surrendering my emotions to Christ.

If he didn’t show me this grace I would not have been able to restore myself. I would have perished if I didn’t believe in the truths he whispered to me. Because I trusted him I was able to shed the guilt that trapped me in a state of despair. There is no condemnation in Christ! Because I believed his word the Holy Spirit was able to give me supernatural strength to push through pain, confusion, doubt and fear. Then I was truly able to live again and turn from sinful thoughts and behavior. God knows us better than we know ourselves. God is with you, no matter what level you are on spiritually. Never forget God has confidence in you, so do I!


4 thoughts on “Confidence to Overcome

  1. I call these moments in my own spiritual journey: Peter Walks. Christ told Peter he would deny Him, but Peter protested. And in Peter’s inevitable denial he was so ashamed he ran. Our sinfulness tends to cause us to turn away from He whom we need most. I am so glad you have met Him again on the shores, where he awaited your return. (I’ve missed your doodlie-dos. ) HUGE HUGS and many welcoming blessings!

  2. Thank you for being transparent and sharing this. I’m reminded of Romans 7:15-24, where Paul paints a picture for us, the church, of his own internal struggles with sin. When it seems hopeless, we can rest in verses 24 and 25: “Wretched [wo]man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!…”

    I have actually felt similarly to you–disqualified to encourage others because of my own struggles. The devil is our accuser, but Jesus is our Advocate! The great news is we win! As we’re growing in his grace, we can be examples of how to overcome, and even how to turn back to God once we’re restored (Luke 22:32).

    • Like you said Satan loves to accuse. He loves to use guilt to discourage us. I am so thankful Jesus died and we don’t have to keep killing animals! Lol! Thanks so much for sharing your experience and thoughts, Laila.

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