I’m Shannon Childs, a designer who wants to make you smile. I started Doodles Invigorate to creatively share my thoughts and inspire others to think positive. I do this through imagery and sharing my personal life experiences. I enjoy symbolism because it engages the audience to find their own meaning to the image. These doodles have special meaning to me. I hope you will find your own special meaning as well.

Since I’ve started Doodles Invigorate I’ve made a major transition in my life—transitioning into Jesus. You can see that transition through the posts. I went from encouraging through positive thinking to encouraging through the word of God. Some posts have scripture references. I encourage you to read them and dig deep into the word. The bible has great power and all the tools for successful living.

You will see and lot of happy-go-lucky stuff on this web site. I believe a person has to counter the negative with positive. The best way to do that is through love. You will hear me say spread love a lot. I’m not talking about any kind of love, but the love of Christ.

I think it’s vital for people to continually search for hidden treasures to make life special and continually renew their minds. Doodles Invigorate is designed to help us find love, hope, joy, and peace in all things. I hope you enjoy this web site and are encouraged.  Please feel free to share the doodles that inspire you! I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, even if you disagree. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Doodle: to draw or scribble idly.
Invigorate: to give vigor to; fill with life and energy; energize.
Definitions from dictionary.com

305 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Shannon! Your blog caught my attention. I like the idea of sharing thoughts and making people smile. I am very glad to meet interesting people that are trying to make a difference for others.

    Hope to keep in touch with you. 🙂
    Best wishes!

  2. I love the nature of your blog and the idea behind it. It’s priceless. It will keep growing, ever. And thanks for visiting my blog, I really appreciate that.

  3. Hi Shannon, thanks for visiting me. Your blog name intrigued me, so I came for a visit and am staying. Grin. These are terrific! I read down thru to Nov 8. I’ll be back! Best ~ HuntMode

    P.S. – I love your emphasis on Jesus Christ. 🙂 Good for you and us!

  4. Hi Shannon, I like your doodles! I think we’re thinking about a lot of the same themes. I am wondering if you’d be comfortable with me using some of your doodles on my A Miracle of Grace blog with a link back to your original post of course. If not, no worries at all. Keep up the good work and creating doodles that inspire!

  5. Thank you Shannon for stopping by at my blog and for liking one of my posts ”DON’T GIVE UP”. I do hope you like it. Through your visit, I am able to connect to your blog too. May His name be glorified and may He continue to give you more wisdom to fulfill the goal He has set out for you in the name of Jesus Christ. I hope to frequent your blog.

  6. Happy that you liked “on the money” and “plumbing discount,” Shannon. Thanks for that and for your comment about “never over.” I appreciate your support and hope you have a great day!

  7. Hi Shannon, thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 I looked at your portfolio and I really admire your work. You are a talented designer and a positive person! I love that! I’m trying really hard to get an informal design/art education by looking at work that inspires me and trying to create whenever I can. Any advice for a girl who didn’t go to school for design??

  8. Hi there Shannon. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your doodles and you’re right about the quote designs. I’m awful at the designing but I love to inspire with the quotes. Haha. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and design with us all. Really great concept.

  9. Thanks for stopping by Encouragement for Every Day. I pray it is a blessing to your heart. God bless you and your work here. I look forward to sharing more with you and reading more of your material in the future.

  10. Very beautiful and uplifting – Stay bless ~ Stacy Y Whyte please feel free to stop by @http://uarevictorious.com

  11. i immediately smile after reading this “I’m Shannon Childs, another designer who wants to share her thoughts and make you smile.” thanks for liking my article 🙂

  12. Thank you Shannon for stopping by and your”likes”. I am checking out your sight as you are checking mine out. So cool. I love your God given gift of doodling. You brought a smile to my face and a chuckle as I read one of them. God bless you as you doodle. Thanks for sharing your talent. Continually seeking Him, Sharon

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