Many people have a false idea of who Jesus is. They rock flashy Jesus pieces or go to every church event, but fail to really know Jesus. Jesus is not a religion or a piece of jewelry. He is so much more. Only those who develop a personal relationship with Him can truly get to know Him. He came to earth for many reasons. One reason was to bring peace. I am learning to rest in the peace Jesus promised. We have a right to be free from all forms of bondage. Don’t just rock a Jesus piece, walk in Jesus’ peace. Read the gospel and God will show you who Jesus really is. (Isaiah 9:1-7, Galatians 5:1)


16 thoughts on “Peace

  1. well may people do not have any idea whom mythra is also ..LoL…… so is what it is…might wanna check out my a-z gods b4 jesus blogzzzzz.. take care Q

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