I have noticed many people put “I am” in front of a name for their social media usernames. Those words possess certainty of identity. It proclaims I am who I say I am. It’s important to know who we are so we can celebrate our accomplishments, discover ways to improve, and abolish insecurities. As I was drawing today’s doodle, my daughter said in a mimicking voice, “I am. I am Shannon Childs and I like to create things”. I couldn’t help but laugh because she thinks she’s a comedian, and summed up the meaning of this post by describing a part of who I am. I am…many wonderful things! Who are you?

On another note, these words also define who God is. When he appeared to Moses, in the burning bush, God told Moses to tell the Israelites his name is I AM (Exodus 3:14). He has many names. He is everything, the alpha and the omega. I AM…is mighty! Who is God to you?



8 thoughts on “I AM

  1. An excellent point which you’ve made here! God is the great “I Am!” We use it for ourselves as the beginning of an introduction to who we are. God uses it as a complete summary of who He is! When He says “I Am,” He has to say no more. He is everything in all of existence, and we know this by those two simple but powerful words.

    Good thoughts!

    The True Light

  2. good point….simple, yet so powerful! To me, God is the great I am – and something that cannot be defined any further….is greater than any identity that can be given…

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