Don’t POP!


As I was driving this morning Tom Ford by Jay-Z played on the radio. As I thought about the words, I don’t pop molly, my mind drifted to my pot head days. I used to smoke to cope with depression. At some point I could not enjoy anything without it. I needed it to eat, to sleep, to stop crying, to deal with stress, to celebrate, to be happy, basically to live. There was a point where I wanted to stop but it still took another year to completely quit. Now I get high off Jesus. I experience a greater high from praising. Substances poison the soul and body. It’s a temporary fix that is deadly. Praise heals the soul and body. If you suffer from substance abuse and want a way out, I challenge you to quit and try praise. If you don’t know where to begin, talk to God. He will show you how. Even if you don’t want to praise, just quit. Get help and a good support system. Don’t pop!


14 thoughts on “Don’t POP!

  1. Funny, I was just thinking the same thing today…lol! (No, I’m just kidding). However, this is so honest! It is brave of you to share the personal note about the “trickery” which pot and other substances play on us.

    I too get a much better “high” from praise to God, and encouraging others as the Lord encourages me! Super thoughts…

    The True Light

  2. If this touches noobe..I want you to know this has touched me. It has touched me deep down where only Gold reaches. I thank God for bringing me to this site, I thank God that you liked my post allowing me to read yours. I feel truely blessed His Grace is amazing. It’s been 3 weeks that I have abstained and I can not wait till I see another 3 weeks. Thank you. cloudywaves

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