After Loss…


Loss comes in many forms. It leaves a black hole in the heart. Black holes filled with grief. My heart goes out to those who are grieving, those whose hearts are torn, those whose hearts are shattered. Hearts torn apart from the death of loved ones loss from murder, suicide, sickness, and unexpected accidents. Hearts shattered from stolen pride, disrespect, and damaged self-esteem caused by foolish acts of violence, abuse, hate, and mockery. Hearts crushed from the loss of love from broken relationships. We need to comfort broken hearts. We need to uplift one another with power, life, peace, and joy. There is life after loss!
To be continued…
❤ Shannon

4 thoughts on “After Loss…

  1. Hi Shannon! This is a very good post in the wake of the terrorists attacks recently. That San Bernardino attack happened just about 35 miles from where I live! So many people feel their losses and hurt so much.

    People suffer loss each day and are in need of comfort. We do need to try to lift them up if we can. We would want the same from others if/when we are in need! Hope all is well with you…



      • Oh I can imagine. So many stories of terrorists and all kinds of bad things already make the news, I guess it good that some of those things aren’t brought to light!

        Anyway, we pray…we pray in all things and let the Lord “do what He must.” We trust in Him…

        Hey, you and yours have a very Merry Christmas this year and thank you for being such a good friend…

        Steve 🙂

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