New Life


I created this image a while ago but I haven’t posted it because I had a hard time finding the right words to go with it. Grief is a mysterious pain. How do you get through it? Sometimes comfort doesn’t ease the pain. I do know God provides strength to overcome all. I’ve been grieving over a couple situations the past few months. The gift of strength has allowed me to smile, laugh, and live as normal despite the crippling grief that threatens to paralyze me. Once grief passes and is laid to rest, new life is born. The pain of the past becomes a distant memory. After loss new life begins! Live anew!

❤ Shannon


9 thoughts on “New Life

  1. Shannon, I am so sorry you are experiencing some troubles and such right now. You know we all have season of these things…it’s just what life hands us occasionally. But you are strong enough to know that and can pull from God what you need in prayer. Support from friends is always good too, and I’m always happy to help in any way I can; maybe lend an ear if you’d like.

    Maybe God is moving you on to a new place in life and you are being “prepped” for it! We just don’t know for sure until it becomes clear. But all things, (good and bad), happen for the ultimate good for those who love the Lord. You know this, Shannon.

    Be strong by leaning on those willing and able to give you support!!!!!

    Steve 🙂

      • Life is a carousel ride…ups, downs, and in circles! But one thing is certain, the ride always comes to an end. And when you do stop, you’ll probably be facing in a new direction!

        Get off the horse and walk in that new way. Pray, Shannon, even when you may not feel like doing so. Take a moment, gather yourself, take a deep breath, and pray to the Almighty God who hears your prayers…and answers them!

        I’m glad things don’t seem so bad, but make them better with some of the love you have in that big heart of yours!!


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