What You Have


God has been whispering, you have everything you need, to my spirit for the past month. My first thought always focuses on the empty side of the glass. Boy does it look empty! I have to force myself to see the fullness for all that it is. The full side has just enough to quench that thirst. It has just enough to fill us until we can get more. What do you possess? Let’s look for how we can put whatever we have, no matter how great or little, to good use. I’m sure you will see you have more than enough. When God uses what we have there will always be more left over.

2 Kings 4:1-7
God used her last jar of oil to provide for her family. He filled all the empty jars she gathered from that one jar.

John 6:1-14
Jesus used a small lunch to feed everyone. 5,000 were fed with just 5 barley loaves and two fish.

Exodus 4:1-5
God used the only thing Moses had with him, a staff, to create great miracles amongst a nation.

Rejoice over what you have. You have more than enough! 🙂

❤ Shannon


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